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smart card
Welcome to your new SARTA SCORE Card.

The SARTA SCORE Card is a long term, plastic card with a computer chip. You can add passes to your SCORE card using SARTA customer portal. SARTA SCORE Cards can be replenished online, at retail outlets, on the TVM or using the phone.



A pass provides unlimited rides for the duration on the pass. Ticket is for a number of rides. The ticket does not have an expiration date. Once all rides are used the rider must buy another ticket.



It is a trip pass for n number of rides, n is the number of rides selected by the customer. This pass do not have any expiry date. If the rides complete the card must be restored.

Fixed SCORE Pay As You Go


Minimum amount-$5 & Maximum amount-$200. Pay as you go offers a reduced price and flexibility to restore your balance at any time.